Flexible Work Arrangements

What’s the best way to reduce the environmental footprint of your commute?

Avoid your commute altogether.

Okay, perhaps not altogether, but at least a day or two here or there.

Flexible work arrangements include telework, compressed work weeks (4 days at 10 hours each or 9 days at 80 hours total) and more. These are not only great ways of avoiding a commute altogether, but also bringing increased productivity and flexibility to your employees’ work and personal lives.

From an employer perspective, flexible work arrangements are an excellent recruitment and retention tool, an effective means of reducing the commute stresses of employees, and a great way to get at increasing employee productivity.

For more information on flexible work arrangements and particularly telework, check out the Telework Tool Kit. As well, the state of Virginia is a leader in promoting telework among employers… check out their website www.teleworkva.org.

For assistance in exploring telework and other flexible work arrangements at your business, contact dotgo@tacomachamber.org. We can survey employees for interest, connect you with resources, and help you through the process of implementing a flexible work arrangement policy in your workplace.

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