Why do you bike to work?

“To prove I can bike all the way to work! Health, fitness, meeting other cyclists, and supporting active transportation in general.” – Tacoma bike commuter

Employer Support Corner

Partnering with Downtown On the Go means we support you in getting your employees out of their single occupancy vehicles. If you’re an employer interested in accessing our services, please email kristinaw@downtownonthego.org to learn more.


  • Access to low-cost ORCA cards for your employees through the ORCA Passport program.
  • Access to Live Close to Work, an opt in financial incentive for qualifying employees living 1-3 miles from work.
  • Staff meeting presentations, transportation fairs, and individualized trip planning support for your employees.
  • Support to both voluntary and mandated Employee Transportation Coordinators.
  • A connection between you and the many opportunities for community engagement and advocacy in transportation planning at the state and local levels.
  • Access to a comprehensive website offering a multitude of resources to meet your business and its employees’ commute planning needs.
  • Support in establishing flexible work arrangements for your employees.*
  • Events such as WALK Tacoma, Bike Month, PARK(ing) Day and more that your business can sponsor and promote to your employees.
  • Additional incentives to encourage your business and its employees to use commute options, including car sharing.
  • Additional resources via PierceTrips.


Save Money
Providing commute options to employees helps them to save them, and you, money. Not only are their commutes expensive, but providing parking as a transportation benefit is very expensive for your business. We can help you and your employees to provide increased save money through a more flexible transportation benefits package.

Position Their Business as an Active Downtown Community Member
Transportation options increase the number of feet on the street, making downtown a safer and more vibrant place to work and do business. Becoming involved in DOTG is a great way to become invested in and promote the success of downtown.

Improve Their Employees’ Health and Well Being
Encouraging options such as walking and biking support healthy living. Research shows that employees who commute alone or over long distances have higher rates of absenteeism and increased health issues.

Protect Their Local & Global Environment
Cars pollute air and water, emit greenhouse gases, and use up limited energy resources. “Green” businesses view their employees commutes as critical to their local and global environmental footprint.

*For more information on flexible work arrangements and particularly telework, check out the Telework Tool Kit. As well, the state of Virginia is a leader in promoting telework among employers… check out their website www.teleworkva.org.


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