Why do you bike to work?

“To prove I can bike all the way to work! Health, fitness, meeting other cyclists, and supporting active transportation in general.” – Tacoma bike commuter

Commuter Profiles

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Meet L. Lisa

bike commuter

L. Lisa is a multi-modal commuter. She only puts gas in her truck every 4-6 weeks! Continue reading

Meet Rhianna

Rhianna crop

Rhianna uses a mix of walking, biking, and driving to make the most of her daily commute and errands! Continue reading

Meet Alex

alex commuter profile photo

Alex reminds us that things always seem scary when you haven’t tried them, so just go out and ride. Continue reading

Meet Gerod

Meet Gerod

Find a safe route [and] just do it. It’s so much fun. Continue reading

Meet Jade

Meet Jade

Be respectful to the bus drivers, they do a lot and put up with a lot of things as it is and we should try to make their day a bit easier. Continue reading

Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila

I intentionally walk uphill to the next bus stop in the morning; so I get in some exercise before work. Continue reading

Meet Haley

haley commuter profile.jpeg

Haley’s parents save a trip downtown to drop her off and because she gets an ORCA card from school her commute is free. Continue reading

Meet Brooke

Meet Brooke

Having a designated time she has to be at the stop helps her to start her day easier. The exercise, time to listen to music and the chance to study her French vocabulary don’t hurt either! Continue reading

Meet Reilly

Meet Reilly

Reilly gets ready for the day with a bike ride to work downtown. Continue reading

Meet Penny

The object of the Space Vacators game is to free up parking spaces for clients and visitors, as well as encouraging use of alternative transportation. Employees use an “alien sticker” to track whichever options they have tried: carpool, bus, bike, walk, parking offsite, etc. Names were drawn for small prizes.

Penny values the fact that she has choices when it comes to getting around town. She helps co-workers and clients try new modes of transportation. Continue reading