Did you know?

The average citizen in the Western U.S. spends $9161 per year on car-related transportation.*

2007 Consumer Expenditure Survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Commuter Profiles

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Meet Sheryl


Connecting to her neighborhood and saving her wallet are just a few of the reasons Sheryl loves walking to work and living downtown. Continue reading

Meet Nikki


Name: Nikki Occupation: Intern, Intern Employer: City of Tacoma, Downtown On the Go Gets around by: Bike Where do you live and where do you work? I live in University Place, but I work as a liaison for the City of Tacoma’s Stadium In … Continue reading

Meet Diana


The savings frees up my spending for other things like paint and art supplies–which I can’t get enough of! l guess you could say my first Spaceworks Tacoma mural is a green mural. About 85-90 percent of the materials used were transported either on foot, by bike or the Tacoma Link Light Rail. Continue reading

Meet Jake

Name: Jake Occupation: Claim Team Manager Employer: State Farm Lives: Thea’s Landing in downtown Tacoma Where do you live and where do you work? I live at Thea’s Landing off Dock Street. I work at State Farm, the 909 A Street … Continue reading

Meet Tricia & Hannah


Tricia: Riding provides time to relax and think on my way to work.

Hannah: It feels so freeing to pedal my way and it clears my mind before arriving at the office. The fresh air gives me a boost of energy to begin a productive work day. Continue reading

Meet Joel


Biking is pure fun for me and provides an opportunity to get a light workout on the way to or from work. I often take the long way home to allow for some extra exercise. Continue reading

Meet Christy


Christy relaxes on her Sounder/Link commute; and the savings don’t hurt either! Continue reading

Meet Mike


“When I get to ride my bike to work it is a glorious day,” says Mike. His advice to you? “Jump in. It is fun and you will figure it out. Sometimes I forget my dress shoes or socks – it happens.” Continue reading

Meet Karen & Dick


Karen and Dick try out downtown living to downsize their space and their commutes Continue reading

Meet Jordan


If he can’t ride his bike, Jordan will happily take the bus where ever he needs to go. As he is a student who also works in the downtown area, you will see most likely see Jordan with a smile on his face – riding his bike and saving his money for college in the fall. Continue reading