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Meet Jessica


… having such a short commute is great and the big PLUS is that I have so many options to get to work. Walk, bike, bus, drive… Continue reading

Meet Peter and Christie


Living and working downtown has saved $430 dollars a month or $5,160 a year. Continue reading

Meet Sebastian


I sometimes see the owner of a local coffee shop on my way home or one of gents at the local barber shop I use. It is nice to have that kind of interaction. Continue reading

Meet Marylou


I only fill my gas tank about every two months and my car insurance is lower because I don’t drive to work. It is quicker for me to walk than to drive. Continue reading

Meet Matt

Matt with his bike

Name: Matt Occupation: Bike and Carshare Coordinator Employer: Downtown On The Go Gets around by: Bicycle   Where do you live and where do you work?  I live near the University of Puget Sound and work downtown at 9th and … Continue reading

Meet Eric


Enjoyment, fresh air, 5 minutes of solitude from my busy house to work. Plus, I like to be as sustainable as I can. Continue reading

Meet Jamie


Walk downtown Tacoma! There are so many hidden gems! Continue reading

Meet Sheryl


Connecting to her neighborhood and saving her wallet are just a few of the reasons Sheryl loves walking to work and living downtown. Continue reading

Meet Nikki


Name: Nikki Occupation: Intern, Intern Employer: City of Tacoma, Downtown On the Go Gets around by: Bike Where do you live and where do you work? I live in University Place, but I work as a liaison for the City of Tacoma’s Stadium In … Continue reading

Meet Diana


The savings frees up my spending for other things like paint and art supplies–which I can’t get enough of! l guess you could say my first Spaceworks Tacoma mural is a green mural. About 85-90 percent of the materials used were transported either on foot, by bike or the Tacoma Link Light Rail. Continue reading