Americans use their bike for less than 1% of all urban travels. Europeans bike in cities more often, Italy 5% and 30% in the Netherlands.

Commuter Profiles

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Meet Trevor

Trevor Square

I feel like I am doing my part to help make the city a more bike friendly area and I am becoming healthier and more active in my day-to-day life. Continue reading

Meet Ben


I love the chance to be active on the way to work. Having my bike with me at work allows me to get around downtown more quickly than driving and looking for a parking spot. It is healthy and convenient. Continue reading

Meet Shera


It is actually a little quicker riding my bike because I don’t have as many stop lights to wait at and I do free up one parking spot at work which helps as they are getting hard to find. Continue reading

Meet Kristina


We’re a one-car family so we know we save somewhere around $9,000 a year by not having a second car. I feel better when I ride my bike and I see more of my community. And I get a lot done when I ride the bus! Continue reading

Meet Anna

Anna runs The Parlor Salon downtown.

Anna works downtown and she would recommend downtown living to everyone. Tacoma has a lot to offer! Continue reading

Meet Richard

Meet Richard

Richard saves money and connects with his community by walking to work. Continue reading

Meet Kathy

Kathy lives downtown and loves her walking commute through the UW Tacoma Campus.

Kathy lives and works downtown. She loves walking to work through the UW Tacoma Campus. Continue reading

Meet Joan

Meet Joan

The best part is being so close to the marinas and the waterway. I also enjoy being within walking distance to restaurants, museums, and work. Continue reading

Meet Alana

Meet Alana

Because I ride the bus, I haven’t needed to get a driver’s license, buy a car, or pay for auto insurance. Continue reading

Meet Teri

Teri's Commuter Profile

I usually ride my bike, but I also like to take the bus or walk. I like to change up my commute all the time to keep it interesting! Continue reading