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Seven percent of existing land use in downtown Tacoma is dedicated to parking.

Walk Tacoma Maps

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In early 2010, Downtown On the Go convened a group of stakeholders within the downtown community to create downtown focused walking maps. Five downtown walking map routes were developed with goals of incentivizing walking as a healthy lunchtime activity, encouraging awareness of walkable distances, and cultivating an appreciation of Tacoma’s rich past, present, and future. A sixth map, the Museum Map, was created in 2013 to highlight downtown Tacoma’s incredible array of museums.

Branded as Walk Tacoma, each route takes the pedestrian on an interpretive tour of 8-10 sites. Even veteran Tacomans will discover something new as each map blends information on major landmarks, hidden gems, and encourages the walker to see Tacoma anew. Routes average 1.5 miles in length, range in difficulty, and include estimates for calories burned.

How can you get copies of these maps?
If you’re interested in 10 or less sets of all six maps, these are distributed free of charge. Please contact dotg@tacomachamber.org.

If you’re interested in a large number of sets (more than 10 sets), we can order them for you at roughly $1/map. Contact our office for more information at 253-682-1739.

For pdf copies of the maps, click on the icons below. These versions are best printed in color, double-sided, on 11×17 paper.

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