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Car-free Living

We know there are some of you out there, who, like us, have considered it – car free living. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to eschew the expense of your car (purchase price, registration, insurance, traffic and parking tickets, maintenance, etc.) and live, well, off the grid (kind of).

If only Tacoma’s transportation system were more conducive to this kind of major, life altering decision you say. Well, that’s exactly the type of change we’re working on here at Downtown On the Go.

Meanwhile, we are looking for those of you who have kicked your car to the curb, reduced to one family car from two, or would consider doing either should a car sharing company come to town. Email us at info@downtownonthego.org and tell us your story. We may just contact you with some convincing incentives to help encourage you to try car free living choices such as these.

Check out these resources to see how much you could save each by kicking your car to the curb:

Unsure why you should consider kicking your car to the curb? Click here to find out 101 Reasons to Kick Your Car to the Curb.

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