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There are about a billion bicycles in the world, which is twice as many bikes as automobiles.



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Live within 1.5 miles of work? Why not walk?

Live within a block or several to that transit stop that could deliver you right downtown? Why not walk?

For those not quite suited for biking to work, but interested in fitting in daily exercise, walking is just the right speed and just a bit less sweat.

Want to try 1.5 miles on for size? Check out the Walk Tacoma downtown walking maps below. These are 1.5 mile walks developed specifically by Downtown On the Go to encourage downtown employees to get out, get active, and become more aware of walkable distances. We promise these walks will make walking to work (or a transit stop) more enticing, and at the very least will show you parts of downtown you never knew existed.


View all six Walk Tacoma downtown walking maps on Tourpup.com.


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