From 2003 to 2012, the number of women and girls participating in bicycling rose 20%.



Live within a few blocks of a bus stop, but never take transit to get to work? Why not give it a try – we know you’ll be amazed.

Pierce Transit provides 18 local routes into downtown. Get started by planning your trip on their website.

Sound Transit provides regional service with 4 express bus routes, a commuter train, and more than 3,000 boardings in downtown every day.

You can pay cash or use your ORCA card. Load the card online. Learn how the ORCA Card works (video).

Use to track your bus so you know the moment it will arrive, and make using transit even more convenient.

Not sure which route is your best bet? Nervous about riding? Curious to know more? Contact DOTG, and we’ll personally help you to plan your route, take a practice ride, or just talk with you about why we love buses so much.

Are you a downtown business? Find out more about providing low-cost ORCA Passes to your employees: ORCA Passport program for Downtown Employers.

Increase the existing downtown transit mode split
from 6.5% (2009) to 11% (2015).

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