For each new mile, the materials and machinery used to build a highway release between 1,400 and 2,300 tons of green house gases.



>>>> Join us for Fall Bike to Work Week, September 21-27!
>>>> New to cycling? Find your Bike Buddy!
>>>> Find cycling events in Tacoma-Pierce County at
>>>> Bike to a Business: discounts for you on your bike, support for our downtown businesses – without the car traffic!
>>>> Save the date for Downtown to Defiance – Sept. 28, 2014!

There’s no time like the present to dust off your bike and get some exercise while also getting to work. Not sure the best way to get there? Call or email us and we can suggest a route. View Tacoma’s existing bicycle network and see plans for the future.

And remember…biking isn’t all or nothing. If hills or distance make a bike commute challenging, combine it with another mode, like transit. We can show you how, or check out the resources below.



Increase the existing downtown bicycle mode split from < 1% (2009) to 2% (2015)

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