“The Friday Forum series had good innovative thinking, provided a big picture view of issues, and allowed people to think outside the… car.” – Friday Forum participant

Friday Forums

Friday Forums bring together local leaders, experts, and the community to talk about transportation issues facing Tacoma and our region.

Let’s talk about what’s next for Tacoma!

Friday Forums 2018
Thank you for a great Friday Forum Series in 2018. Check out the events below for more information about the topics covered. You can also follow #DOTGForum on twitter to see the conversations.

Tacoma’s development has impacts on the surrounding environment. Join Downtown On the Go as we work through important issues connected to politics, pollution, parking, and equity with local leaders, experts, and community leaders.

2018 Forums Topics:

(Special Date & Location) Feb 2: What's Next for Tacoma?

  • Located at the Pantages Theater
  • Tacoma is changing quickly, and a new slate of leaders will shape how our City meets the challenges and opportunities of urban development, environment, and equity. Panelists; Mayor Woodards, Council Member Ryan Mello, and Council Member Chris Beale will tell us what they are working on to create a more connected and sustainable Tacoma.

Feb 23: Stormwater Pollution & Transportation

  • The number one source of petroleum and other toxic chemicals that end up in the Puget Sound is non-industrial pollutants; that's cars, parking lots, and other household chemicals. How can we keep water clean by using alternative transportation options?Sponsored by: GeoEngineers 

March 30: Equity & Environment  

  • Join us as we welcome Naomi Doerner, Ubax Gardheere, and Sudha Nandagopal as they share Seattle’s experiences and insights engaging, co-creating, and implementing community-centered economic development, environment, and transportation equity strategies.

April 27: Parking, People, & Development

  • Our City’s rapid development has impacts on parking, accessibility, and our environment. How can smart land use policy promote healthier stormwater and a healthier community?Sponsored by: Parametrix  and Kōz Development
2017 Forums Topics:

Jan 27

2017 Transportation Forecast: What’s Next for Tacoma?: Join us for a conversation with transit, advocacy, political, and economic experts and learn about local, statewide, and regional policies and changes that will shape Tacoma’s transportation future.


Feb 24

Access & Affordability – Creating Transportation Equity in Tacoma:Equity & Transportation: Access to effective and affordable transportation is one of the strongest factors in escaping poverty. How are transportation and equity connected here in Tacoma and how can the community support a more just future for all?


March 31

Book Club: Tactical Urbanism: Learn about how short-term, community-based projects have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond from author Mike Lydon.


April 28

Creating a Healthy Community Through Walking: Walkability impacts environmental health, economic health, and one’s individual health both mentally and physically. The Surgeon General has announced a call to action to promote walking and walkable communities – learn how we are working locally to step it up

2016 Forum Topics:
2015 Forum Topics:
2014 Forum Topics:
  • Getting Everyone on the Same Street
  • Book Club Discussion with the author: “Bikenomics” by Elly Blue
  • From Park(ing) Day to Parklets
  • Transportation is a Life Determinant with Ron Sims
2011- 2013 Forum Topics:

2013 Forums Topics:

  • What’s Next For Transit? The 2013 Legislative Session
  • Book Club Discussion: “Walkable City” by Jeff Speck
  • Transit Oriented Development: What Works for Tacoma

2012 Forum:

  • Public Health and Transportation

2011 Forum:

  • Tacoma Streetcar discussion

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