Why did you join us for Park(ing) Day?

“I love all things ‘community focused’ and the concept of making an effective community gathering area in such a small space is interesting.” – Park(ing) Day participant

City Council & Community Forum

Keep up to date on your City Council!

Tacoma City Council meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Council Chambers at 733 Market Street. Review agenda highlights each week.

Public Comment at a regular meeting is limited to remarks relating to items on the agenda.

Community Forum is the 2nd Tuesday of every month. At this time people are able to comment on anything that City Council jurisdiction over.

  • Sign up at beginning of the City Council Meeting
  • Comments are limited to 5 minutes for Public Comment & 3 minutes for Citizens’ Forum
  • Make sure to state your name, the topic you commenting on, and your relationship to the issue.
  • Please address all remarks to the Council as a whole
  • You also may provide the Council with written comments or materials (10 copies).

Have any questions? Want to practice your comments? Or need a buddy? Email Hallyb@downtownonthego.org for support!


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