“I enjoy sharing the excitement about riding bikes with people. I like showing people how easy it is to ride your bike to work.” – Tacoma bike commuter


Downtown On the Go is your transportation advocate in downtown Tacoma.

We are here to educate, connect, and advocate around walking, bicycling, and transit issues that will improve the livability and quality of life in Tacoma.

Join us for our free “How to Speak Up for Walking, Biking, and Transit” trainings in 2017 and learn from your local electeds and community leaders how to tell your Tacoma transportation story. Our next training is August 10th in Hilltop. Stay tuned for more information!

We have created an easy to use chart – explaining how, where, and when to speak up!


The DOTG Board approved a Yes vote for Regional Transit in November: Prop 1/Sound Transit 3 and our city passed the 54 billion dollar investment in our region’s transportation future!

>>>The DOTG Board approves a Bicycle Advocacy Agenda:

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