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Transportation Innovator Awards 2019!

Nominate a transportation hero today! Downtown On the Go presents the Transportation Innovator Awards annually to acknowledge and celebrate work being done that helps meet the Downtown On the Go goal of reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles in downtown Tacoma. Nominees are selected for one of four awards, based on the four categories:

Big Step/Bold Program
Awarded to the business or individual who made a bold change in policy to create opportunities for transportation options. We strive to recognize those who have made a difference through parking policy, promotion, pricing or education. Honoring businesses who have utilized creative partnerships or use of spaces.

Advocacy Award
Awarded to the business or individual who has made a difference for downtown Tacoma through transportation advocacy at the local, state or federal level.

Biking Strong
Awarded to the business or individual who is a leader year-round in promoting, education and encouraging bicycling as a commute mode; and creating opportunities for bicycling through the provision of bike parking for employees and customers, bike infrastructure, or showers. Honoring those who work to make downtown Tacoma more bike-friendly through their business or their work.

Unsung Hero Award
Awarded to the business or individual who is a leader in promoting, educating, and/or encouraging multi-modal transportation but has not been recognized to their full potential.

Each year, nominees are reviewed by a committee and Downtown On the Go recognizes the Transportation Innovator Award Winners at our Annual Luncheon. The deadline for 2019 nominees is October 18.



2019 Luncheon Sponsor: O’Connor and Associates

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