Even when a vehicle is parked and completely shut off for a long period of time, the gasoline evaporates from the vehicle when temperatures rise during the day.

Staff & Board


Kristina Walker, Manager
253-682-1739, kristinaw@tacomachamber.org

Meagan Kula, Coordinator
253-682-1734, meagank@tacomachamber.org

Matt Newport, Coordinator
253-682-1734, mattn@tacomachamber.org

Laura Wisdom, CTR Coordinator
253-682-1738, lauraw@tacomachamber.org

Alecia Kuhl, Intern

Board of Directors

BLRB Architects
Jonah Jensen, Board President
Mike Hutchinson
Franciscan Health Systems
Steve Kallberg
Tacoma Chamber
David Schroedel, Treasurer
Metropolitan Planning Director
McGavick Graves
Jim Feltus
O’Connor & Associates
Tom O’Connor
Tacoma Public Schools
Dan Voelpel
Public Information Director
Group Health Cooperative
Everest College
Brian Lee
Monster, Inc.
Sarah Knickerbocker
Jacobs Engineers
Patrick Forza
DMG Logo colorDowntown Merchants’ Group
Judi Hyman, Board Past President
BHC Consultants
Chris Kelsey
University of Washington Tacoma
James Sinding
Economic Development Board
Chris Green
Sound Transit
Chelsea Levy, Secretary
City of Tacoma
Diane Wiatr
Pierce Transit
Kathy Walton

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